Saracens Re Leve Mix

Saracen Re-Leve 20kg



Performance horses intolerant to high-starch/cereal based diets

Horses of a nervous disposition, to maintain a more even and trainable temperament

Horses that require support to maintain normal muscle function

Horses that require a low starch ration to support optimal digestive health


Cereal-free, low-starch ration (8%)

Low in sugar (6%)

High in digestible “Super-fibres” to reduce the reliance on starch to provide energy

Highly digestible “Super-fibres” to support a healthy digestive system

Superior antioxidant levels to assist normal muscle function

Highly fortified with supporting minerals

Quality protein sources to optimise muscle and tissue repair and renewal


Detailed Description

RE-LEVE® is a cereal-free, low starch (8%) mix specifically designed to replace all cereal based concentrate feed for horses in work that have a nervous disposition or react adversely to high cereal and starch levels.

Highly digestible “Super-fibres” and high oil levels reduce the reliance on starch to provide the energy thus reducing the risk of exaggerating excitable temperaments. Elevated levels of antioxidants, Vitamin E and selenium are included to support normal muscle function and recovery.

RE-LEVE® is based on extensive collaborative research carried out by Dr Stephanie Valberg, at the University of Minnesota, and Kentucky Equine Research. It was formulated to provide the equine athlete with the levels of energy required for performance and maintenance of body condition using a variety of alternative energy sources to cereals.

It contains a fortified soya hull fibre pellet to provide a concentrated source of proteins, trace elements and yeast.

It is recommended that 0.5–1kg of EQUI-JEWEL® (high-fat rice bran) is fed daily alongside RE-LEVE® to boost energy levels, if required.

High levels of antioxidant micronutrients, such as vitamin E and selenium, are included together with daily levels of electrolytes to assist normal muscle function. An electrolyte such as KERx Restore® SR should be fed in addition in most cases and horses should always receive at least 1.5% of their bodyweight as good quality forage.



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