Flourish Evolve


FLOURISH Evolve is our premium feed solution which, whilst based on the foundation of our signature feed, also contains a comprehensive herbal profile with the addition of our bespoke nature based herbal recipe. Evolve includes added mucilaginous and adaptogenic plants, herbs and spices for those horses needing extra support.


Meadow grass pellets – a natural source of quality, digestible fibre for microbiome

Meadow grass chop – pure grass chaff to encourage chewing and saliva production to buffer gastric acid

High fibre oat husks – a source of high fibre for hind gut function

Micronised flaked peas – palatable protein and quality source of amino acids and B vitamins

Rapeseed oil – a source of essential fatty acids for hormone and immune function. Great for skin, coat, mane and tail

Bespoke nutrient balancer – elevated vitamins and minerals to optimum research standards

Spearmint herb – palatable, functional intestinal supportive herb

Beet pulp root – low in sugar and starch. Supports the gastrointestinal tract due to digestive buffers

(in addition to Flourish Original formula):

Rosehip shells – powerful anti-oxidant, rich in vitamin C. Supports circulation and immune system, along with joint and hoof integrity

Cinnamon – rich in antioxidants and used to support and maintain blood sugar levels. It is also thought to be a natural fungal and insecticide and is very palatable

Marshmallow root – contains high levels of mucilage which forms a supportive barrier for intestinal mucous membranes and ulcers

Fenugreek – a palatable, conditioning herb, supporting the gastrointestinal system with its mucilaginous properties

Nettle leaf – highly nutritious and restorative plant – contains vitamins A, C and K, plus minerals Calcium. Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Used for detoxifying and circulation, along with respiratory and skin conditions

Linseed lozenges – a source of essential fatty acids for healthy hormone and immune function. Omega 3, 6 & 9 in the correct ratio and balance – great for skin, coat, mane and tail

Fennel Seeds – are very palatable for horses so can aid inappetence and fussy feeders. Fennel also supports the health of the kidneys, liver and spleen, and has a soothing effect on the digestive system



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