Flourish Rewards 2kg

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Our unique Rewards have the double benefit of thanking our horses with ingredients they would choose themselves, along with supporting health and intestinal equilibrium. The thoughtfully selected ingredients in our Rewards are naturally low in sugar and starch, rich in nutrients and microbiome friendly herbs and plant fibres.

Our tasty treats include:

Magnesium:  Aids muscle and nerve function and helps balance soil/grass deficiency

Multi species Meadow grass:  Natural fibres for microbiome health

Oat husk fibre:  High fibre, low starch husk for digestible fibre and gut motility

Chamomile:  Calming and soothing

Spearmint: Digestive herb

Turmeric: Needs no introduction…

Rosemary:  Antioxidant rich to help cleanse free radicals and toxins

Thyme:  High in vitamins C and A for immune support

Marjoram:  Cardiovascular and Digestive support

Linseed:  Omega 3 and 6 in balanced ratio for nerve, coat, skin and hoof health

Oregano – Oregano has natural anti-bacterial/fungal properties with qualities, naturally maintaining your horse’s intestinal health and digestion

Sage – Along with respiratory disorders, sage has been used historically to support the digestive system, including bloating and loose stools

Parsley – Parsley is a common herb, often used for flatulence and disorders of the kidney and bladder

Garlic – Garlic is well known for its varied uses and support of the respiratory system in small doses, as in our Rewards.



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