Agrobs Natural Mineral 10kg


Agrobs Naturmineral is rich in important minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Administered daily, even small doses help compensate for feed deficiencies.


Normal hay-cereal feeds often don’t provide an adequate supply of important vitamins and trace elements like vitamin E and selenium for muscle maintenance, brewer’s yeast for healthy gut flora, B vitamins, zinc and biotin for healthy skin, coat and hooves.
Agrobs Naturmineral fills these gaps and balances poor calcium-phosphorous ratios in cereal fees through a natural source of calcium – in this case seaweed.

With Pre Alpin dried green fibres and no added molasses, Agrobs Naturmineral meets all requirements for a balanced equine diet. High-quality oils including black seed oil, sunflower oil, and linseed oil provide valuable fatty acids and support your horse’s good health.

Agrobs Naturmineral is suitable for all horse breeds. Naturmineral’s low starch and sugar content and absence of cereals in the composition makes it also ideal for horses susceptible to metabolic issues or allergies.

  • Cereal-free
  • With our trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibres as a basis
  • Contains all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Balanced calcium:phosphorus ratio
  • No molasses
  • Low in starch and sugar


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